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Choir Parent FAQs

• How many choral groups does Darby have?

The short answer is lots! When your student joins the Darby choral department, they will be placed in one of the following three large groups, which meet during the school day:

Concert Choir—a large group mixed choir

Symphonic Choir—an advanced large group mixed choir

Women’s Chorale—a large group women’s choir

Students from these large groups also perform in the following groups:

Men’s Chorus— men from the large group choirs

Women’s Chorus—select women from the large group choirs

Women in White—a small group selected by audition

Men in Black—a small group selected by audition

Chorale—Men in Black and Women in White combined

 • Are there uniforms or special items of clothing I need to buy for my choir student?

Yes, uniforms allow Darby’s choirs to look professional when they perform. Each of Darby’s choirs has specific requirements for what students need to wear. Information about buying/renting the required uniforms will come home with your student and will be reviewed at curriculum night at the beginning of the school year. Information about acceptable shoes, jewelry, etc. will also be provided. Please help your student comply with these requirements…they really do make a difference!

 • My student is an athlete. Will there be time to participate in both choir and a sport?

Many of Darby’s choir students are athletes, and they find that choir and athletics both fit in their schedules.  A written policy exists to guide students when a conflict between a choir event and a sporting event occurs.

 • What is choir contest?

Choir contest is an event in which choirs perform for adjudicators and receive a score. Darby choirs attend a regional event, which usually occurs in April and a state event, which usually occurs in May. Darby choirs have a proud tradition of receiving top scores at these events. Parents are welcome and encouraged to travel to watch our choirs perform at these events. Please note that you cannot record or photograph these events—our choir will be disqualified if you do so.

• Does choir require time outside of regular school hours?

There will be times that rehearsals are scheduled outside of the regular school day. The directors will give as much notice as possible. Performances are typically in the evenings and some events occur on weekends. The choir calendar will let you plan for these well in advance.

 • What is this robing ceremony that’s on the choir calendar?

Near the end of the school year, outgoing seniors in Symphonic Choir pass their choir robes on to newly-selected, incoming Symphonic Choir members. If your student is involved in this event, bring tissues. Lots and lots of tissues.

 • As a parent, how can I get involved in choir?

At the beginning of the year, you’ll receive a form describing parent volunteer opportunities. Parents can volunteer in a great variety of ways, including chaperoning and helping with fundraising. Watch for e-mails throughout the year describing other ways you can help—parents are vital to the success of Darby’s choirs. Choir parents are also encouraged to get involved with Darby’s music booster organization.