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Orchestra Parent FAQs

• What orchestra groups are there at Darby?

Darby students play in one of two large group orchestras—Concert Orchestra or Symphonic Orchestra. Select students from these groups play in the Chamber Orchestra, form small ensembles, and participate in the pit orchestra for school musicals.


•What is the schedule?

Concert Orchestra meets daily during 6th period, and Symphony meets daily during 7th period. Concert Orchestra members should be prepared for a performance schedule that includes three to four performances per year and may also include adjudication. Symphony members should be prepared for a rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule, including but not limited to four in-school performances, OMEA State Adjudicated Events, and possible convention performances and clinics. All performances are mandatory and are a required part of the school music curriculum, and of proper student evaluation and assessment in a music performance class.


• Are there uniforms or special items of clothing I need to buy for my orchestra student?

Yes, Darby’s orchestras perform in uniform. Your student will rent a formal performing uniform. Information about the uniform and the shirts used for more casual performances will be provided at the beginning of the year. Please note your student will need black dress shoes and black socks/hose to wear with the uniform. The orchestra handbook gives specific more specific information about these requirements.


• What goes on at the spaghetti dinner?

Good food and great music! This is a fundraiser that benefits Darby’s and Heritage’s orchestras. This event is usually held in the fall. It’s a chance to hear our orchestras perform and to enjoy a nice meal. Watch for information about volunteering to help make this event a success.


• What’s a Celebration Concert?

This is Darby’s winter holiday concert. Be prepared to be impressed! You’ll have a chance to hear Darby’s orchestras, choirs, and bands. Typically this event occurs on two consecutive nights to accommodate the great number of people who attend. The show is the same on both nights.


• Does orchestra require time outside the of normal school hours?

There will be times that rehearsals are scheduled outside of the regular school day, particularly when the orchestra is preparing to go to state contest. You’ll get plenty of notice about these rehearsals.


• What is state adjudicated event?

Orchestra state adjudicated event (aka “contest”) is an event in which orchestras perform for adjudicators and receive a score. Our orchestra typically performs music at the most difficult level and receives top ratings. Parents are welcome and encouraged to travel to watch these events. Please note that you cannot record or photograph these events—our orchestra will be disqualified if you do so.


• Do the orchestras ever go on trips?

Yes! Opportunities for travel vary, but past trips have included Chicago and Disney World!


• How can I get involved?

At the beginning of the year, you’ll receive a form describing parent volunteer opportunities. Parents are needed to assist with organizing uniforms, photographing events, helping with fundraisers, and in many other ways. Orchestra parents are also encouraged to be involved with Darby Music Boosters.