2017 Hilliard Marching Band Invitational

The Hilliard Band Invitational will take place on Saturday, October 7th, at Hilliard Darby H.S. Stadium, beginning at 6:00PM. This will be the 42nd Annual event hosted by marching bands from Hilliard Bradley, Hilliard Darby and Hilliard Davidson.

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2017 Tickets : $8.00 adults, $5.00 children under 12

T-shirts – $12.00
Programs – $5.00

2017 Participating Bands (by class)

6:15 PM London High School B
6:30 PM Northwestern High School B
6:45 PM Chesapeake High School A
7:00 PM Hilliard Davidson High School* AA
7:15 PM Judge’s Break  
7:45 PM Hilliard Darby High School* AA
8:00 PM Westland High School AA
8:15 PM Pickerington North High School AA
8:30 PM Hilliard Bradley High School* AA
8:45 PM Judge’s Break  
9:00 PM AWARDS  
  * Ratings Only  

 2017 Concessions Menu

Flyers 6” Italian Sub (warm) $4.00   Water (20 oz) $2.00
Flyers Pizza Slice
(Pepperoni or Cheese)
$3.00   Pop & Powerade (20 oz)
(Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite,
Mello Yello, Barq’s Root Beer, Blue Powerade) 
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $3.00  
Bratwurst $3.00   Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or
Darby Mocha (1/2 coffee, 1/2 hot chocolate) 
Hot Dog $2.00  
Nachos $3.00   Regular Candy
(Kit Kat, M&M Plain, M&M Peanut, Milky Way, Snickers, Reese’s Cups, plus candy on display) 
Marching Taco
(corn chips, chili, cheese)
Soft Pretzel
(plain or salted)
$2.00   Small Candy
(Airheads, Cow Tails, Suckers)
0.50 or 3/$1.00
Popcorn $1.00    Theater Box of Cotton Candy  $2.00
Chips $0.50      
Add Chili & Cheese
to Hot Dog or Nachos
Cup of Cheese or Jalapenos $0.50