Invitational Volunteer Information

The 2018 Hilliard Band Invitational is:

Saturday, October 13, 2018

at Hilliard Bradley High School, 3900 Walker Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026

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Hilliard Band Invitational Volunteer Information

The Hilliard Band Invitational hosted by all three Hilliard high schools is the Hilliard Music Boosters’ largest event and most successful fund raiser.  Money raised benefits ALL music programs in the Hilliard City School District from elementary through high school and provides a scholarship at each high school for a senior who will continue to study music at the college level. 

HMB is grateful for the support received each year from volunteers district-wide who contribute to the enjoyment of this event for all our guests.  Some volunteer jobs begin before the Invitational, while some are only for the day of the contest.  As our marching bands focus on perfecting their shows over the summer, a leadership team composed of parents from all three Music Booster Chapters is also hard at work, planning and preparing for another year’s exciting event. 

Chairpersons and Shadows – Each year our pool of parent volunteers changes as students begin music classes in Sixth grade, freshman arrive in high school, and seniors depart.  It is imperative then, some volunteers take on the leadership roles that guide our efforts.  Each area of volunteer involvement listed below has a dedicated chairperson, often a person whose student is close to graduation, and a shadow.  The responsibilities of each area are quite manageable.  A shadow will work closely with the chairperson for that area to learn each of the steps required to successfully run that part of the event.  After you’ve shadowed for a year, you are ready to be the Chairperson.  It’s that simple!  Some areas are a larger commitment than others, but all are important.  Your commitment to  involvement will provide steady leadership, and help to continue the tradition of excellence that the Hilliard Band Invitational has enjoyed for the past 40 years.

Student Volunteer Positions

Band Ambassador – These students will be assigned to a band upon the band’s arrival at the event.  They will remain with the band director to assist in guiding them to warm-up areas and to the stadium.  They are also responsible to keep the director informed of the time the band should arrive at the gate in preparation for their performance.  After the band performs, the Ambassador will guide the band back to their buses, at which time they are finished with that band.  Students should not have a firm deadline to leave the event, as their responsibilities may run beyond that time.  Students playing in either Hilliard band are unable to fill this role due to their own warm-up and performance responsibilities.  Delays caused by a band or its directors disregarding the stated schedule will penalize the band, not the Ambassador.

Hand Stampers – Hand stampers will board the buses in pairs, and stamp the hands of all band members on board.  The hand stamp allows the band members to enter the Visitors’ stands after their performance.  After they complete the bus, they will return to their staging position to await the next bus.  This job is not as time-consuming as the Ambassador position, and will usually finish work well before the end of the event.

Water Tables – Students assigned to the water tables will assist in keeping water cups full and available for bands in the warm-up area.

Adult Volunteer Positions

Band Liaison – The band liaison greets arriving bands, meets the director and gives him his information packet, including wrist-bands for drivers and pit parents.  They should then introduce the Ambassador for the band, and get the hand-stampers onto each band bus.  This must all be done before the Traffic workers move the band to their parking spaces!
Water tables – Keeping water (in cups) ready for band members in the warm-up area.  This area will also provide hall monitors for Heritage Middle School.  The restrooms inside the school are made available to band members in the warm-up areas, but the school requires us to keep hall monitors in the building for the duration.  These volunteers can rotate with the other water table volunteers as desired.  There should be two hall monitors at all times.

Hospitality – The hospitality area is inside the Field House.  Volunteers will assist in preparing and providing meals for directors and judges throughout the event.  This area has limited access, so some effort to keep students and/or uninvited guests out may be required.

T-Shirt and Program Sales –  Invitational T-shirts are sold at stands beneath the stadium, near the Visitors’ concession stand, and at a table in the band warm-up area.  Programs are sold out in front of the stadium, as well as beneath the stadium.  This position is for an adult and will involve handling cash and making change.
Concessions – Volunteers will be working in the concession stands, both home and visitors.  Responsibilities vary widely including, but not limited to, serving food, handling cash and making change, preparing food and drinks, and clean-up.

Stadium – This position has many responsibilities.  Prior to the event, workers will clean-up the stands, organize sports equipment off the field, prepare trash containers, and all other outdoor stadium preparation.  During the event, they will be needed for the various things that come up in any public venue.  They will also communicate with the custodians for any building-related issues.  After the event, the stadium must again be cleaned up.

Traffic/Parking – These volunteers will assist incoming band buses and equipment trucks, and guide them to appropriate parking areas.  They will also guide guests to the correct parking areas.  Traffic must also keep areas clear for handicap parking, band movement, and for emergency vehicles.

Volunteers – While everybody involved is a volunteer, this event day position has many specific functions.  The first is assisting with checking other volunteers in and out.  All boosters who work a full shift receive free admittance to the event, so checking in is important. The people in this position also act as runners, trouble-shooters, and fill-ins; some may be assigned to another area indefinitely, until another booster can take over, or there is no longer a need.  The need for volunteers is especially great when  our own Hilliard bands take the field so that all boosters can see their kids perform.

Gates –  These volunteers work at the gates at the south end of the stadium.  All bands and pit equipment must go through here, both in and out.  Gate volunteers also verify that anybody entering with the band has a wristband.  Other gates are watched to make ensure all guests enter by way of the ticket office.

Ushers – Ushers will assist guests in the stands as needed.  They are responsible for closing the gates to the stands prior to each performance and opening them between performances.  It is an OMEA requirement that people not  enter the stands during a performance.

First Aid – Stationed just outside the stadium near the Volunteer check-in area, this position has been filled by RNs, physicians, and EMTs in the past.